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Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
That is really beautiful. Even unpolished and well-used. Spectacular drums.

Did the Yamaha mounts come with your Tamburo kit? I have a Proel-era ply Tamburo (not the same, I appreciate!) and it has generic Yamaha-style hardware. I could do with making the upgrade.
Well, the kit has been extensively played by the previous owner, and it shows its age! Nevertheless, the shells are still in perfect shape and the set has a beautiful, very focused sound. Actually, I already took contact with Tullio Granatello (Tamburo's founder, currently offering incredible drums under his new brand, Volume Drums) in order to make some maintenance work on the kit. Those who would like to know something more about Tamburo's story and Original sets shold visite his new site

Concerning the hardware: no, I bought it separately. The Yamaha style hardware offered by Tamburo (Proel era) was not bad, but original Yamaha is certainly better.
My Tamburo Original stave kit(s):
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