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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Thats effin' awesome!! Looks like you had an experience to be jealous of!

My brothers wifes best friends husband (yeah..I know, I know!) was a startup member of The Stone Roses (then call The Patrol) and nearly joined The Smiths. He went on to be The Fall's drummer for a good few years. He then got hired by Ian Brown (Stone Rose's) singer to be in his band. I got to see them twice in Hammersmith (place in London) and at the Reading festival. I even got a lift back to London on the tour bus at the end of it all watching blade on the tour bus DVD system!

Simon Wolstencroft is his name.

Thats my biggest claim to fame!

Oh...and I used to rehearse at a place called Terminal studios....anyone who was anyone over the past 25 years rehearses there! Got to see a few famous faces but only managed to get into a debate about the Simpson's with Brian Molko from Placebo...oh and beat Robbie Williams and Jamie Theakston at pool in the rest area...hehehe.

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