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Default Re: K.K. Downing leaves the Priest

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
That really bums me out. It just won't be Priest without one of their great axemen. Fortunately I was able to see them TWICE when they came around to my neck of the woods. I also saw Ronnie James Dio in one of the same shows.

I completely agree. Maybe not the best thing EVER but he definitely brought their old school groove into a more modern style. With a little fresh blood those old timer really showed the kids how its done. Painkiller was the first album of their I ever heard then I just worked my way back from there. I love wearing a collard shirt and tie to shows, inspiration courtesy of this video.

God I love that queen. Who is that on the drums btw?
Yeah I probably over-stated the Best thing but I'd liked Judas Priest more after they got Scott Travis you're youtube link is a great JP tune but it's the same beat as "Living after Midnight","You've got another thing coming " and so on, when ST was(is) the drummer he made JP more badass IMHO of course. Ian Williams probably knows that drummer in the youtube link he's really good with names.

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