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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

As far as picking a guy for the fans, most fans apparently want Mike back, an option the band turned down when Mike apparently tried to come back or work out a compromise. Which is whatever, they have their reasons.

As for being honest, they could just say "hey, we can't announce it yet due to legal reasons" but instead they made this big deal about they will reveal the audition process on April 21, and so today they release a video that comes off more like a bad episode of reality TV or a soap opera, all with out actually revealing anything they hadn't previously announced.

The band previously announced auditions were last November, they announced in January they recored the album with the new guy. So what purpose was making a video 3 months laster explaining the previous announced auditions took place?

It cheapens the image of the band. They've gone from top of the prog world to American Idol wanna-bes.
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