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Default Re: K.K. Downing leaves the Priest

That really bums me out. It just won't be Priest without one of their great axemen. Fortunately I was able to see them TWICE when they came around to my neck of the woods. I also saw Ronnie James Dio in one of the same shows.

Originally Posted by bonzolead View Post
...Scott Travis was a monster IMO the best thing that ever happened too JP.
I completely agree. Maybe not the best thing EVER but he definitely brought their old school groove into a more modern style. With a little fresh blood those old timer really showed the kids how its done. Painkiller was the first album of their I ever heard then I just worked my way back from there. I love wearing a collard shirt and tie to shows, inspiration courtesy of this video.

God I love that queen. Who is that on the drums btw?
Classy grip all day.
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