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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Yeah, I did fine. I wouldn't change anything......but, then again....I didn't feel that gig was right for me anyway....from the very beginning.
I was very busy during that time period....only had a few weeks to learn a 20 minute song, a ballad, and a tech song with 30 part changes within the space of 3 minutes! Haha.
That all went well.....
We jammed a little while....was cool but, the environment (in ears, video, etc...) didn't lend itself to a lot of creative the fact that these guys we're trying to "jam" in odd times, etc....
Then they threw some riffs at me to see how quickly I could spit out complex stuff.

Now this...was fun but, at the same time....I could tell that they were looking for a dude that will come in....and record an entire record in the studio...on the spot.

I've never wanted to work that way..... as I believe that if the business (need to put out a record quickly) over trumps the musical vision (taking time and creating the best you can)
then that ultimately directs where the band ends up in the future.

I like to sit on riffs for a few days.... at least and create the best possible part (as opposed to the automatic one)

All good though, like I said...was a load of fun and made some great friends out of it.

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