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yeah, i think one of the unfortunate thing about rocking heavy is the inevitable zeppelin comparisons. personally, i think a lot of people use it as a way to marginalize bands, that, while there is certainly an influence of zeppelin, are not really out there flaunting their influence.

for example, i never hear people bashing the black crowes for their zeppelin influence, and geez, they toured with jimmy page and practical transformed into the band for 4 months, playing a bunch of deep zeppelin cuts. whereas the mars volta are surely influence by the heaviness of the sound, but last i recall, i don't remember plant singing in spanish, nor zeppelin albums employing use of free jazz, obvious latin rhythms, and, most of all, PUNK. that is the biggest thing that gets me. they play at tempos that zeppelin rarely approached. not saying that they are better for it, but it's just a difference. read any interview with jon theodore and he'll mention his rock influence but obsess over billy cobham and all the hardcore drummer friends who have influenced him
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