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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer


"A source very close to the situation has told Sick Drummer Magazine the new drummer is Mike Mangini, and others who were asked/auditioned were: Derek Roddy, Marco Minnemann, Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, Aquiles Priester and Peter Wildoer."

What we do not like about this situation is the way the band went about the video footage detail. We feel the drummers were used in a sense, for their popularity. Each drummer was sent a camera to use and were asked to film as much as they could surrounding the audition. They were told it was to become "bonus footage" on a future DVD or something to that effect. The drummers were asked to film themselves preparing for the audition, practicing, traveling to the audition and anything else they felt relative. Then, upon arriving at the actual audition the drummers were asked to sign a release handing over all the video footage they had recorded, and if they didn't, they were not going to be able to audition.

We feel this is somewhat taking advantage of the drummers who auditioned and could have been handled a better way. Perhaps informing the drummers of the plan and sending a video release to be reviewed in advance. Not sticking them with a release at the audition and holding that over their heads as a requirement to audition, only to use the footage to steam up the facebook page around the announcement of the new drummer."

If I were a drummer with the name rec of these guys I would be infuriated by this low brow cattle call-beauty pageant. Frankly I'm shocked that guys with name rec equal these days to the band itself would allow it. This isn't the famous Metalica bass auditions. This is a Dregs knockoff that just so happened to become a little more popular. Now is that a bad thing? No, of course not. DT is a fine group in its genre. But they haven''t really sold in a very long time. Now see this is what I like about the jazz guys. Even when 40s swing was the music of the land, the audition process was never like this.

Anyway, congrats Mike. It's a tech band and nobody does tech with high musicianship like Mike.
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