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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

I've owned two Off set peds...the linkage on the drive shafts eventually became so loose that I sent them back...two times...none of the replacements ever kept their tightness...I eventually just threw them in a closet...I still have them...

but use the TRICK PRO 1V Big foots and Dominators...superior in every way..I use a weight sleeve on the beater....their drive shaft is tight tight tight...and has stayed that way for years...I've also gotten so used to them that I wouldn't play anything else...

I've played I.C./ DW's /Sonor's/Rogers swiv o matic (With the Black Jack Beater)/ Ludwigs...and early Camco's...TRICK does it for me cuz I hung in there and found the perfect setting for

2Cents expired.
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