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Default Re: Quitting Smoking

My brother's father-in-law died last year from emphasema and he was only in his late-60's. For decades he worked in advertising for a cigarette company and was a heavy smoker. He quit 15 years ago but it was too late, as the damage had been done to his lungs. For the year prior to his death he had to carry an oxygen tank around with him to breath. He was always out of breath.

Now my father has been diagnosed with emphasema and is out of breath after going up a flight of stairs. As did everyone, he smoked as a teenager and all through his stint in the military in the 1940s, before quitting in his late 20's. He hasn't smoked in over 50 years, but the damage was apparently done then as well.

I have never smoked, but I am afraid of the affect second-hand smoke has had on my lungs. Up until 15-20 years ago, people were allowed to smoke right in the office, and up until only 5 years ago people were allowed to smoke in restaurants (non-smoking areas were a joke). The casinos are still filled with smoke. In my teens and twenties I probably inhaled as much smoke as a smoker.
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