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Default Re: A strange occurrence while studying

The one comparative book I could find on the subject and it happened to be written by my tutorial professor, the one marking the paper.
HAHA. Academia..."it's a small world after all"...

I couldn't face the boredom so I preferred your approach - think about it and then hunt references, knowing that I you thought of something, chances were Google would tell me about 871,342 who thought of it earlier :)
Even as a high school student I do that...I get a hunch and then follow it...often I learn quite a bit about a subject in that investigative phase - things that the teachers seem to strangely leave out.

This book was comparing the methodology of Advaita Vedanta Hinduism and Zen Buddhism, my essay was a comparative piece on plausibility.
Haha, well at least you'll probably get a job once you finish your course.
Are you studying philosophy?...and how do you see your future after you have finished your course?...and how are those complex Oriental spiritual traditions racking your brains?
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