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Default Re: A strange occurrence while studying

Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Just a random entertaining snippet from my life.
The smart thing to do would be to track down references beforehand and base your arguments on them, it would be far less of a hassle then attempting to find a basis for an argument you've already made.

In my hours of searching, with no avail, I finally stumble across a book which draws similar conclusions to myself, though the overall focus is different (it was looking at method, rather than questioning validity). Great I thought, this is just what I need, so I sit down and start picking out the pieces relevant to my argument and making citations, and while doing so I happen to notice that the authors name appears familiar.

The one comparative book I could find on the subject and it happened to be written by my tutorial professor, the one marking the paper.
Is the ethos of your source not called into question? I operate the way you do as well, and I've been lucky that my sources have relatively sound credibility. I have a predetermined position on a lot of my research work, and only twice have I been re-calibrated on a topic.

Nice to know I'm not the only one haha.
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