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Good evening to everybody,
i really think that this year we assisted to what in the future will be called "The Renassaince" of drumming.

Anybody of you as the Dvd of Bob Breithaupt "Snare Drum Basics" (1998) ??

Well i think that comparing (even with all my respect for mister Breithaupt) both,you really understand what it means evolution.

Ok,someone (Simon Philipps,magazine Percussion and drums,May of current year) sad it s impossible to reproduce the things that mister Lang makes not only in the Dvd but also in the clinics (guys,very nice the solo of Gen x tour,right ???) like Kopenaghen or Budapest in this year.

i think mister Lang perfectly combines the tradition (traditional grip,alternating groups of 16 with both hands) with the idea of "Power Drumming" expressed by Virgil Donati for the first time.

Of course i don t forget Marco Minneman and Johnny Rabb but is goes out fo the forum.

So for me (and i hope somebody will pay me :-) ) is good to buy it.

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