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Default Re: the bealtes or korn

Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Everyone else knows it was...
I knew full well it was sarcasm...

Originally Posted by frost
I want to see him draw the diagram.
...And that was my attempt at it.

the guy asked said rap and metal don't mix, they do and if he didn't see that, he'd need a diagram drawing.

Metal's a pretty open minded genre and whilst shit like Limp Bizkit and (hed) p.e. seem to be the lowest form of mixing rap and metal, Anthrax and Public Enemy did it pretty well.
So did bands like Senser, Clawfinger, Rage Against The Machine, Orange

Nu-Metal,on the other hand just took the best points of metal (guitar solos) and made it a large baggy trousered whingy mess.
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