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I have the highest pitched singing voice in my band, so I end up singing leads on songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd, CCR, Cream, Neil Young, Talking Heads, etc.

I made the mistake of trying to push the envelope and sing Rocket Man by Elton John, and it backfired. We spent a couple practices on it, but I just couldn't get all of the vocals within my range. The timing on that song is also much more difficult than I envisioned.

I could never sing a majority of lead vocals, but I can handle 2-3 songs per set. I do contribute to background vocals on many of the other songs, but that doesn't strain the voice like leads do.

I know most drummers use a boom stand mic setup, but I prefer the headset style microphone, especially since I sing lead or background on most songs, and I don't want this boom stand in front of my face for the duration. I know the quality of the mic isn't quite as good, but so be it.

I actually find singing lead easier, because I have never been one that was good at creating harmonies. Once in a while I'll stumble upon a good harmony (usually by accident), but too often I get distracted by the melody and can't seem to train myself to stay on the harmony part.
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