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Default Re: When Drumsticks Break

Back in the mists of time, I played timpani. Ever since those dark & distant days, I've used extra long sticks. Even worse (I can hear the technique focussed guys screaming already), I hold them right at the butt end, sometimes, even to the point were the butt is sitting within my palm. Why is this relevant, well, because I get a real whip stroke thing going on, & that stroke speed on backbeats is a stick killer. Add to that, almost constant rimshot backbeats on cast hoops & flat cymbals, the poor buggers don't stand a chance, lol!

I use VF X5A's. Great stick, but they're not that durable. Kenny Howard introduced me to Silver Fox sticks. They even have my ideal stick size, in the form of 16 3/4" long 1A's, so I took a brick to try. Only used them for a couple of practices to date. They seem to dent easily, but, unlike the VF's, they don't splinter. Haven't broken one yet, & that's already an improvement on the VF's. I'd normally break at least one per practice. The SF's hickory are lighter than the VF's, & with hardly any visible grain. Normally the kind of thing I'd avoid, but they do seem to be holding up very well. Quite a few gigs coming up, so I'll be able to come back with better info soon.
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