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Default Re: the Beatles or Korn

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
I don't care what anyone says, Bros is the best!

Korn would have been great if they were Bros.

Half the Beatles are dead. Bros, while dead, is half alive. Or something.

While the Beatles were famous, Bros wanted to be. So there is optimism and a nod to the future. Whereas the Beatles were famous. There is no future there. Being a fixture is like, just so passe!

Bros had well ironed white shirts.

Korn had Joey Jordison as their drummer.

Bros had a drummer who became an actor after his drumming career failed. That's versatility!

The Beatles had a drummer who failed as an actor after a successful drumming career and then married an actress!

Korn can't act and there is no Bond girl in sight.

Ringo is a pensioner!

Cobb and Co is a successful Australian business.

Korn is not Australian.

Corn grows in Australia.

But no Korn songs were written south of the Murray river.

Corn has been eaten south of said river.

Chances are some members of Korn were also eaten south of that river. If in fact they ever toured.

But I digress.
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