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Default Re: Mics and a PowerBook

Originally Posted by Bernhard
Yes - I'm happy now!!!!!

- So good indeep posts here from everybody
- Mike, thanks for participating
- Freddie is also an expert
- Medeski loves Macs - so do I

Happy posting (in reality I know a little bit about drums and drummers - what not mean I can play - but for sure I know nothing about recording. But with a little powerbook and a preamp with 4 mics and then garageband I made quite good demos for my 6 man Jazzband - even better as the final result in the studio!!!!

I DO LOVE MACs!!!!! Garage Band, Audacity, Pro- Tools and many more. With a few simple plug-ins and some pre-outs (right term?) and a friend who helps design MAC software, the possibilities are endless.

Current project with a MAC: taking an old MAC SE/ G4 lap top/ Nintendo keyboard and making a sampler/ trigger module. I need one more part and hopefully it will be finished. It has taken months of planning and procrastination to get this far. Let's see how long it takes me to finish it?
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