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Default Re: Glasvegas - Terrible band

Originally Posted by Stalwart_Pandora-Chris View Post
Here in the UK there is a band called Glasvegas. Probably one of the top 100 worst bands ever to be perfectly honest. The drummer is terrible and can barely play a straight beat, the guitarist is an indie kid who wants to be Elvis and they can barely play an instrument to be saved. However, they seem to be doing well (suprisingly after a 2 year break) and they released a new album which was supposed to be "amazing" by the words of many people. Then last night I was looking for a vocalist and I come across an ad saying "Lets start a Glasvegas Get to F*** Group!"
About 40 posts or something, so I gave the album I listen. Probably the most depressing earache ever. - still not as bad as BrokeNCYDE or Blood On The Dancefloor though-
I feel the exact same way about The Beatles.
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