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Default Re: the bealtes or korn

Originally Posted by thebealteso9k View Post
just to let you know the bealtes didn't copy the rolling stones they actully got them the record deal to make them famos and if you don't belive me look on the srgt. peppers album in the right corner the doll says welcome the rolling stones
This is all true!!!! The Beatles let the stones perform their song I wanna Be Your Man, and that is what attained them their fame. After, the Beatles recorded their own version of that song, but the stones performed it first. And also an interesting thing about the doll on the cover of Sgt, pepper. Apparently they thought the rolling stone would over take them in popuilarity because the bealtes had stopped touring at this time, and touring back then was essential to promote a new album. Since Pepper was their first album that they didnot tour after its release, the beatles apparently put "welcome the rolling stones" on the doll as a prediction that the stones would soon become the band with the best record sales and popularity. Ironically, Sgt. Pepper would become the bealtes best selling album, and some say it might have to do with the whole "Paul is dead" theory, since that is supposed to be the first album with the "clues" on it.
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