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Default Re: Show off your Yamaha

I bought another kit today, a Yamaha Oak Custom in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16" toms, 22x18 bass drum in York honey amber oak. I fitted the drums out with Aquarian Jack DeJohnette batters, Yamaha Remo AmBassador reso's, Aquarian Super Kick II batter and Yamaha logo Remo reso' on the bas
s drum.

I own several Yamaha snare drums so do not feel I am just joining the family. However, I am very proud to own a full Yamaha kit. I used an Oak Custom on a session back in 09 and was blown away by how wonderfully the drums spoke so clearly to the microphones. It was in fact the shortest soundcheck I have ever done. That fact has been on my mind since that day.

Photos to follow in a few days time.

Thanks guys.
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