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Default Re: A strange occurrence while studying

Originally Posted by TheGroceryman View Post
I actually quoted my professor in a paper i wrote last semester. He didn't seem to care really....but just don't say his name in the paper. Rather strangely, I mentioned in my paper that a professor named [insert professor name here] wrote this article....when the guy who was reading it was that professor. He definitely thought that was weird, and told me not to mention him in a paper that he's grading, but using his article was ok!
I honestly don't think it should matter whether you do or don't use their name if the marking is supposed to be completely impartial, weird or not, sounds like a double standard.

My professor did mention it, with a grin on her face, the book was only wrote a couple of years ago, so it is not widely circulated and it is one of very few books comparatively looking at the two subjects, which was the reason she wrote it and why I struggled so much finding references.
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