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Default Re: Howz come some of my poasts got deleated?

Originally Posted by Fishbones View Post
Ah, good ol' rhetorical questions. Have you heard this one: "If you try to fail and you succeed in doing so, which one are you doing?
Couple yahoo answer results...
"In the eyes of others it seems that you have succeded for the normal rcetion of those watching would be "He must hae wanted to succeed" thereforeyou succeeded at succeeding, but in this case what the observer didn't know is tht ou wanted to fail and therefore you failed, however it is e common belief that since you succeeded, you failed.

So in an observers eyes you succeeded because they don'know you actuallyfailed, to your eyes you failed, ignoring what the common thought that you succeded you know deep inside that you meant to fail at what others though to be sueeding."

"Nice attempt at a paradox, but I don't think you've quite gotten there. Similar as this is to the Epimenides Paradox (ex. "this statement is false"), yours is a couple of words short. Here, I'll fix it for you...

You have left off the notion of What it is at which you are trying to fail. If you try to fail to add 2 and 2 will have succeeded if your answer is 5. So you will have successfully failed to correctly add 2 and 2 together. This is not paradoxical. It is quite ok to have a notion of successful failure.

The trick is, you have to add just the right notion of WHAT it is at which you are trying to fail. The most obvious thing to say would be: "If you try to fail to fail and succeed, what have you done?"

But then I would have to ask you, "What does it mean to try to fail to fail?" In fact, what does it mean to try to fail at anything, is that logically possible? Is it psychologically possible?"

"The reason it's a trick question is because the sentence has two opposite meanings depending on how you interpret it.

1. I attempted to fail but I didn't. (I succeeded at whatever endeavor I was trying to fail at) In which case you really did fail.

2. I attempted to fail and I did. (I succeeded in failing at whatever endeavor I was trying to fail at) In which case you did not fail since you succeeded in doing what you set out to do.

Either way you could make the argument that you both failed and succeeded at the same time.

I guess it all boils down to how important it was to you that you fail."

"The definition of the word succeed is to attain the goal at which you attempt, thus leading to the desired outcome. If you look at the question with this definition in mind then inturn you have succeeded and have not failed. If you look at at the definition of failure "a person or thing that proves to be unsuccessful", then you still inturn would still be successful because you attempted to fail and achieved the desired goal of failure. Either way you look at the question you must come to the realization that you did not fail because you attained your end goal which was to fail, therefore making you successful in your endeavour."

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