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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Longevity is certainly an issue, especially when balancing the dynamics of metal vocal techniques and clean singing. I can growl properly, so I don't find that impacts the health of my singing voice but it requires extra care.

My issue is more that most of the music I try to sing over is too low, if anything it needs to be transposed up, I have a higher then average singing voice, but not high enough that I can sing in the equivalent of a female contralto range.

When I sing openly, I don't sing in my natural range, rather a higher, uncomfortable range. I'm not sure how to explain it properly, but it's normal for me to sing outside of my ideal range and I have issues managing some notes or pulling my voice back to a comfortable level. Often when I try pull my voice back the pitch is too low and I have an awkward tone, I'm weak in regards to that mid-low range of singing.
I'm a little confused. You said the songs most likely should be transposed up, but you also said you're singing in a higher, uncomfortable range. And you're doing this because your singing voice doesn't sound well in the mid range where it's comfortable?
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