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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Sounds like the songs you sing should probably transposed down a half- or a whole-step. I played with a guy who's range was alot lower and he was transposing things down a whole third or a fourth. It was almost to the point where it almost didn't sound like the song it was supposed to be.

But, when you take into account that he's entertaining for at least four hours every night for about four nights a week, he was definitely thinking longevity for his performing career.
Longevity is certainly an issue, especially when balancing the dynamics of metal vocal techniques and clean singing. I can growl properly, so I don't find that impacts the health of my singing voice but it requires extra care.

My issue is more that most of the music I try to sing over is too low, if anything it needs to be transposed up, I have a higher then average singing voice, but not high enough that I can sing in the equivalent of a female contralto range.

When I sing openly, I don't sing in my natural range, rather a higher, uncomfortable range. I'm not sure how to explain it properly, but it's normal for me to sing outside of my ideal range and I have issues managing some notes or pulling my voice back to a comfortable level. Often when I try pull my voice back the pitch is too low and I have an awkward tone, I'm weak in regards to that mid-low range of singing.
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