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Default Vocals

Just wondering who sings, particularly those trained in singing, looking for some technical advice.

Initially I was struggling to sing most contemporary pieces as while many of the notes were in my range (edit: on the lower end of the scale), they were outside my voice typing and I was unable to achieve a pleasant tone. I could hit the note, not make it sound appealing.

So after consulting some people wondering what my problem was, I was asked to do a few exercises with supporting my voice to try find my tessitura.

Now, here is the brunt of my problem, my comfortable vocal range sits around a tenor, singing higher notes, but I have a propensity to over-extend my range, particularly with the higher head voice notes stretching into the realms of a countertenor vocal range. I believe the root of it is trying to avoid my low end range.

I find this to be an issue as it lands up with me straining my voice unnecessarily. Just wondering if anyone has any advice with control and restraint or dealing with notes at the edge of your vocal range.
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