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Default A strange occurrence while studying

Just a random entertaining snippet from my life.

Sitting around, writing an assignment at University, as you do, and I was asked to discuss the plausibility of a concept in an essay, so far, standard fare.

So, as usual, I write the whole thing in one long tangent and begin to draft it, sifting through journals and books in the following days attempting to justify my ideas with references. The smart thing to do would be to track down references beforehand and base your arguments on them, it would be far less of a hassle then attempting to find a basis for an argument you've already made.

In my hours of searching, with no avail, I finally stumble across a book which draws similar conclusions to myself, though the overall focus is different (it was looking at method, rather than questioning validity). Great I thought, this is just what I need, so I sit down and start picking out the pieces relevant to my argument and making citations, and while doing so I happen to notice that the authors name appears familiar.

The one comparative book I could find on the subject and it happened to be written by my tutorial professor, the one marking the paper.
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