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Default Re: Stressing stuff in my life at the moment.

Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Incidentally. Here's a little something I picked up:

'Never argue with an idiot. You'll go down to their level and they'll beat you with experience.'

It's just not worth getting worked up over. Bullying is tough, I know full well what it can be like. I had the advantage of being twice their size, but I went through a lot of it starting very young. Really, the only way you can get it off your back is to just be the bigger man and not stooping to their level. I also know what depression is like - I have had a few serious episodes in my life - and the best way of dealing with it is to just do something every day that gets you out of your house. Get out, go for a walk, play football, practice baboon baiting; it doesn't matter.
or drumming!
Yeah man, this is really helping me :) just the dude's brothers like 17 and he does stuff which gets him in deep stuff and he's been arrested a few times but he still goes and threatens people and I'm top of his list.
If he lays a finger on me he will get something done to him. My friends actually want to kill him for the stuff he's said to me, and they're all pretty quiet too. So he's pissed alot of people off and not just me & his brother has pissed loads of my friends off too and they're actually scared of him because they think he's a creep but he just wants me to be his prority target.
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