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Default Re: Quitting Smoking

I see that many of you either are, or have been in the same place that I am in right now.
At my age, If I didn't turn my life around I surely would have died in just a few years.
At least now I have a chance.
I was also making other people lives miserable. That is not the person who I am, or want to be for that matter.
I find that I can handle stress much better now because I don't look for the crutch of nicotine to mask the problem. I have the energy and patience to face the problem, look it in the eye, and solve it.
My friends all really love the new me and I feel a responsibility toward them not to let them down.
Its not just about me anymore! That is a wonderful feeling. I have the capacity to care about others.
My playing has improved immensely. The extra oxygen in my brain really helps.
I remember every stupid little thing now!

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of you for any of my stupid rants from the past that may have offended you.
I have apologized to many people recently and I have been forgiven. That really makes me feel good!
I kind of like old drums:)

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