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Default Stressing stuff in my life at the moment.

One of my 'best friends' recently made friends with a guy and a girl. These two people gave me a hard time the first two years of my secondary school course. The boy bullied me for some course of my second year there, leaving my knees scared and I don't want to relate to the boy anyway and the girl spread rumours about me at school and I didn't make alot of friends because of her (she now has very little). I had a tough two years and I got really depressed on my 3rd year of secondary school. Recently, one of my best friends has be-friended them and I advised him it may not be a good idea. They boy said he was coming to my REAL best-friends concert last night, I posted on Facebook "I will literally cry of depression and get knives ready to slit if he comes" because he screams and shouts and he has an obsession with Hitler (yes, really.) So my 'friend' goes and grasses me up and now his brother wants to kill me because he's done "alot for me" What? Bully me the first two years of school!
Same with the girl, my friend posted something about how 'sexy' she was on my Facebook. My 'friend' grassed me up again, and now she's telling everyone to hate me. I'm really fed up with it and I had a two hour long argument with my 'friend' about it. He was saying "your being a d*ck and bullying them" I said "If you felt the pain they put me through then you'd feel the same too!" And he kept saying "It's not fair on them" and I said "I've done more for you than they ever will!" And now him and his 'gang' are trying to tell all my friends to stay away from me as I am evil. When actually most people say I'm the nicest person they have ever met as I'm there for them and my best-friend said "Screw them"

I don't know what to do, the kids brother cornered me in a street two weeks ago because I told his brother to stop invading my privacy and stalking all of my friends. So he cornered me and threatened me and my 'friend' said "don't call the police on him" so I did that for him. But I wish I did if I'm dead next time he see's me.

It's coming to the point I don't want to leave my home, goto school and not even finish my school course and try and get to University I am that scared. Can someone please help!
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