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What and you think I haven't? The fact is that all western nations have suffered because of things like "workers rights" getting in the way of making things for as cheaply as possible for export. Yes, the costs of producing something in the uk are slightly more than a lot of other western countries but i think all that pales in comparison with the difference in production costs between here and somewhere like china for example.
People have this misconception that nothing is made in Britain any more- which couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, it's not 1900 any more but the fact is that for many premium and high value goods such as upmarket and custom drums can still be built viably in England and the massive drop in the pound over the last few years has been a big boom for exports.
'Workers' Rights' which you appear to condemn are actually incredibly important and you just have to look at the working conditions of Countries that do not support similar rights to know that sometimes it is worth paying the extra to support humane working conditions. Competitive manufacturing in the UK is now the domain of a specialised, educated and technologically informed workers and companies - it is no longer commercially viable for many companies to mass-produce for export.

Is that a result of rising costs? Absolutely. Are those costs as result of improved working conditions? Partially, but it's an inevitable part of economic development. South Korea is one example of a rapidly developing, specialised economy that is moving away from general production and into developing of technology and sooner or later, South Korea will be in a similar position to the UK, whereby manufacturing becomes a highly specialised sector as the workforce become more educated and specialised themselves.

Trade Unions, humanitarianists and environmentalists are not just a group of blue-sky idealists. They exist for a reason - and whilst we may all complain about the inevitable inconvenience of their lobbying and the regulation that is imposed as a result, the fact remains that they actually do very important work trying to improve the quality of conditions and health of those within their auspices. If that is a problem for you, then you really need to stop focussing so much on the bottom line.

Does that mean I always buy from a developed country? No. But it is becoming an increasing concern for me and I support companies that make high-quality goods.
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