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Default Re: Quitting Smoking

Congrats Bob!!! It is an example of the "indomitable spirit" of man. The chemical addiction for nicotine in your brain is powerful, and the ability to circumvent that by will alone to beat an addiction is a real tribute. I did the same thing some thirty years ago. I was a three pack a day guy so I curbed to a pack and a half (just the habit of smoking) and then went cold turkey. I took up chewing gum which bout drove my room mates insane-they encouraged me to start smoking again LOL. The only problem was suddenly food tasted insanely good so I packed on some pounds. But the silver lining was I took up walking then jogging then starting running like a maniac- endorphin-driven "run Forrest, run Forrest" (so I replace one addiction for another for a good ten years). I think the addictive personality is genetic. I had two siblings who could smoke and quit a will and then my elder brother and I struggled with about every addiction known to man. Fortunately the "indomitable spirit" thing again for me-sadly he is still addicted to everything. I wish I knew the answer.
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