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Default Paolo Vinaccia

Anybody else here who knows of this totally amazing jazz drummer/percussionist? He originates from Italy, but has lived in Norway since 1979. He has played with the likes of Richard Bona, Bobby McFerrin, Palle Mikkelborg, Mike Mainieri and several ECM-musicians. In Norway (at least, if not the whole of Scandinavia or Europe) he's considered a legend. I thought I should share the more decent videos I could find on youtube so you all can enjoy his playing =)

Here with norwegian bassplayer Arild Andersen and hungarian guitarist Ferenc Snetberger

Again with Ferenc Snetberger, but now with Richard Bona on bass

With Arild Andersen and scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith along with some footage from the town they played in and themselves before the gig x-)

And lastly footage of some more groovy playing with (all norwegians) Audun Erlien (bass), Bugge Wesseltoft (organ) and Knut Reiersrud (guitar+lead vocals). These people are all considered to be well established in the "A-league" of musicians in Norway, so to speak =)
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