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Default Re: Just an interesting little observation...

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
Okay, so here’s an interesting observation I have made since being on this forum. Drummers evidently have a different ear for rock music. (I know, duh, right?) For example: Led Zeppelin. When talking about their music most people I know would say that songs like Stairway to Heaven, Immigrant Song or All My Love were their favorites. However, Fool in the Rain has always been, hands down, my favorite Zep tune and when I would tell others, I would usually get strange looks. Yet since being on DW I have seen this song mentioned several times by different members as being one of their favorites. I’ve noticed this happen more than once with different songs that I like that I never see mentioned anywhere else but they get mentioned here.

So I’m thinking, even though not always a drummer in practice…I wonder if I’ve always kind of been drawn to “drummers tunes” as opposed to a great guitar lick or bass line (not that I don’t appreciate those as well). without even realizing it?

As I said, just a stupid little observation, but I something I’ve found quite interesting and oddly comforting…lol. Any thoughts?

: )
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