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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Gadd was famous for his originality I think. He did open the drummers mind by his linear things in the 70s and 80s.
But it doesnt mean that he can play everything.
And it is really stupid to say that he can play everything but he just doesnt like it so he does not show off. This situation is anti-human-common-sense. If he can play virgil or marco things, he must have spent that amount of hours practicing these stuffs, this dedication of effort require a high level of self favor toward the thing being practiced. U cant imagine he wasted his time practicing what he dislikes and just hide these skills forever.

in the weckl-gadd-colaiuta drum off, yes, since this is only a "drum-off", not a musicality contest, i agree gadd is OFF. the least complexity and speed wise.

I would never say gadd sucks, he doesnt. He is an outstanding musician. But just please, do not everywhere everytime defend him as a superman. He can NOT do everything.

The boundaries of drumming has been pushed generation by generation. see the history, how is the complexity of drumming has reached in comparison to 1930?
Do NOT take modern-speedy-multilayered-oddtimed-monsters' effort as nonsense. They are heroes, no matter how gadd has been. Gadd is lengendary, but he doesnt rule everyone!
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