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Default Re: When Drumsticks Break

Originally Posted by masonni View Post
I don't break sticks much anymore, one maybe every other month or so. But that's also because I am playing Ahead sticks. There really is no need to check them before buying, because they are all the same every time. When I used wood sticks I would always roll them first and check the butt-end. The more lines on the butt-end of a stick the lighter it is. I try to pick out the heavy ones. Also, if one stick is warped in a pair, set the whole pair aside, don't just take the good one. Sticks are matched at the factory, and you are messing up the weights if you just take the bad ones out, you need to go through them and find a matched pair that is good.

At first I misread this, to be "the more lines, the tighter the stick", which would be right.
But you are saying the LIGHTER the stick. I would think the more lines, or grain, the denser the wood would be which should make them stronger. I will have to do some research.
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