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Default Re: Some unfortunate things as a Teenager... READ!

My advise...

Have a conversation with Pops thats goes like this...

Look, I'm NOT you, I never will be... If you don't want to love me, be suportive if me and share in my life, at 18 I'll go live on the street and you can kiss your overprotected self goodbye... is this what you want? Why did you have me... to live through me... or am I just a mistake and your too worried that I'll do the same... Don't push me away dad because regardless of what YOU think, your actions are creating a deep seeded bad taste.

Now if you say this... you better be ready to eat crap and live in the cold because smart parents who's children threaten to leave know the child returns once they see that life is way more difficult than the child thinks.

Another perhaps wiser road to travel would be to ... find a place outside, away from your house, to hide a practice pad and sticks. Follow your dads word, get the best grades you can... Go to college. Now your out of the house and you can tell pops to back off in a better way.
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