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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

[quote=illustrator X;828227]
Originally Posted by JimboJim View Post
Deleted my old pics and replacing with these. new snare and kit setup.
Woa, specs on the snare drum?
It is a 14x6.5 Collectors VLT with the new mag throw off and butt plate and copper plated hardware. The finish is clear lacquer over some exotic wood with black painted stripes and artwork. It is the Neil Peart replica from their Time Machine tour.

I'm not the biggest Rush/Peart fan, but I love the Steampunk look and GC hooked me up with a pretty sweet deal, so I figured since I just got my dream kit, might as well get my dream snare to match,

I only have two snares (one metal, one wood), so it's not going to be sitting on the shelf.
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