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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Hey thanks for your response back. Since nobody has posted in this thread in and a while I figured I'd ask you question if you are lurking about =P. I've recently bought a Sabian HH 20" medium ride and have shifted my attention toward jazz and such, and my learning has improved to the point of where I don't break my sticks and I play a lot more relaxed and I just have felt an overall improvement as I've learned more rudiments and have been applying them. I've been working with brushes and mallets a lot more lately and my questions really have to do with the stickball and your Pro-Mark stick. The stick just seems fascinating. I use a Vater 5A stick and they hold up great for me, I just wanted to know what the musical diversity of the stick is and how it affects grip plus its strength (I play mainly Christian Rock, Funk/Rock, I dabble in jazz, and I play in a heavy metal band as well which I use 5B's for regardless so that doesn't affect me using this stick). The other thing about the stick ball was really more about how it affects stick weight. I would love picking up these products and since I've been finding it hard to find anything on them I figured this would be worth a shot. Thanks for any feedback!!! =]
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