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I've been lurking around here for quite a while and just started posting a day or so ago. I'm 51. I started playing drums at age 14. in 1976 at age 16 I was in the local record shop. I saw this album with a huge double bass kit on the front, it was Rush's All The Worlds A Stage. I'd never heard of them, but because of the kit I bought the album. I got home , put the album on and just couldn't believe what I was hearing. After I finished listening I took the rest of the money I had saved up and went back to the record store and bought Fly By Night, Caress of Steel, and 2112. From that day on my approach to the drums changed. Neil Peart became my idol, my inspiration, and my teacher. I spend every free minute practicing and learning every Rush song I could get my hands on

I continued to develop my drumming skills through listening to Neils playing. He was most definitely my biggest influence. Neil Peart is far from the best drummer in the world. I could name 10 drummers in 10 seconds that are more skilled then Neil, however he is still one of my favorites of all time. Mainly because for me I heard Neil do things first, the multi tom fills, the odd time, the creativity, the precision, the skill.
I've followed Rush and Neil since then and always enjoyed the day when a new rush album would come out. I like them all in there own way.

In 2004 I put a Rush Tribute Band together for one show, It was a local show with a bunch of bands to raise money for cancer. We did an hour and a half set and it was one of the funnest shows I've ever played. Here's the kit I put together for that show.

I even had the DW Edge NP Snare, Yeah I'm a fan.
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