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Originally Posted by BackInBlack
i gotta say, i don't understand how/why people compare this band to Zepellin. Not familar with Yes so much but Zep? i infact think they've grown ABOVE and beyond the like of those bands. Zep kicks ass but they infact DO have their own sound, different from Zep. It's a shame and makes the one who offered that comment seem shallow and quick to place judgment on a band that does not immediately satisfy one's traditional grounds for musicianship or feeling. Could you please elaborate on those comparisons?

At the risk of coming off as overly defending, their long periods of no playing and guitar effects are part of what make the band. It's a ride, not so much a smiling entertainment clown.
Basically the comparisons to Led Zep are based on various things, but mostly the vocals. The comparisons to Yes are based on pretty much everything else. Grab yourself a copy of "Close to the edge" and tell me the Mars Volta haven't listened to that one obsessively for a few years.

Before I heard TMV a friend of mine mentioned them. I asked what they sounded like. He said "Yes, but with Robert Plant singing". Pretty much sums it up, IMHO. Except the rest of the band occasionally drops into sounding quite zep-ish too. Cicatriz ESP sounds a lot like Achilles Last Stand to me from a rhythm section POV, particularly on Scabdates when they play it faster than usual.

They do occasionally break out something that sounds non-specifically 70s but not directly identifiable as Zep or Yes. But I've yet to hear anything which makes me go "Hey, that sounds like the Mars Volta" when I hear another band doing it.

Also, please don't call me "shallow" because I disagree with you on the originality of the band. It must be noted that of the two major influences I named you appear to only be familiar with one, so I think it's a bit early for you to start throwing mud, no?
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