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Default Re: Some unfortunate things as a Teenager... READ!

Originally Posted by Joey182 View Post
Well EVERYTHING is taken away now. Drums, TV, phone, computer, video camera, iPod, even my skateboard! My "bedtime" is now 8PM!
I think that he's losing it guys! He says the reason why it's all taken away, is because I got up late for school a week ago. But still got there 30 minutes early.
Whatever. I couldn't care less anymore. My home life sucks now.
Well that sounds really horrible but have to wonder. if everything has been taken away, including phone, computer, is it you are even posting here? I just can't help thinking there is more to this story than we are hearing.

I know being a teenager can be rough and the relationship with parents during that time is always a struggle so I can definitely sympathize with that...we've probably all been there to some extent.

If all is as you say, then I would just have to say that at this point, you may have to learn to grin and bear it. Yep, that sux but it doesn't sound as if you have much choice. The drums will be there when you are 18 and you may just have to pick it back up then.

Hope things get better for you soon.
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