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Default Re: Glasvegas - Terrible band

OK - so I went and checked 'em out. Then I went to iTunes to listen to snippets of their songs, and I was a little amazed that the first six songs that came up on their playlist kinda' sounded alike. They're very heavy on that reverb/huge church sound, and even though some songs are listed as explicit, I couldn't understand what he was saying anyway.

I was not impressed, but I wouldn't say they're terrible. They do have quite a nice website though, and I suppose their sincere in their efforts. Just not my cup of tea. I'm sure when I was into The Police in their hey-day, many people thought I was crazy too. Different era then though - if you got radio airplay, that was the goal. Nowadays groups get famous and if I don't hear them on the radio I don't know who they are. Gotta love the internets.
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