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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Hey guys, relatively new to the community. After a 5 year hiatus, back into drums and writing with a band. Picked this up last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AMAZING KIT - so very impressed.

VLT ESE maple shells
Cherry to Natural satin oil fade

10"x 6" Rack Tom
12"x 6" Rack Tom
14"x 14" Floor Tom
16"x 16" Floor Tom

24"x 16" Bass Drum
24" x 8" Bass Drum Woofer

14 x 5.5 Snare 'super solid' Black to Natural satin oil fade
9000 series pedals and hardware

14" Signature Crystal Hats
16" Signature Full Crash
17" Signature Full Crash
18" Signature Full Crash
18" Giant Beats Multi
20" Giant Beats Multi
18" Signature Reflector Thin China
10" Signature splash
12" Signature splash
22" Vision Ride (old faithful)

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