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Probably this:

Drums, probably tama starclassic bubingas, or mapex orions.

Toms (left-right):- 18" (46 cm) (on the left), 10" (25 cm), 12" (30 cm), 8" (20 cm), 14" (36 cm), 16" (41 cm). The racks in medium depths and the floor toms being "square".
Bass drums- a 22" x 18" (56 cm x 46 cm) on the right as the main kick for a tight bass sound and a 24" x 18" (61 cm x 46 cm) drum on the left for a bigger boomier sound, probably have three pedals with a double for the right kick drum.
Snares- 13" x 4" (33 cm x 10 cm) custom wood snare probably some exotic bollocks like steambent or whatever just for the lulz with woodhoops and in the centre a 14" x 5" (36 cm x 14 cm) acrylic snare, again pretty much just because i can ;)

Cymbals. I was having a bit of a TRX moment when i did this diagram but probably 3 crashes, of sizes 17" (43 cm), 18" (46 cm) and 19" (48 cm) a ride of 22" (56 cm) and 14" (36 cm) hats. The splash would be 12" (30 cm) so it's nice and beefy and the 2 chinas are 18" (46 cm) and 14" (36 cm). All the cymbals would be nice and heavy apart from the mini china for a nice quick decay. Possibly add in a set of right hand hihats as well. And you can see which ones are bright and heavy and which ones are duller for a more raw sound. Oh and a nice comfy throne as well, with a backrest.

But to be honest i'm not really bothered about what kit i have, I just want to be a hell of a lot better at the drums than I am now...
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