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Default Re: When Drumsticks Break

I find even when my sticks do not break, they get worn down by the hats and cymbals within 6 months or so. I don't understand how a person can use the same pair of sticks for 8 years!!! Thats wild!!!! Sometimes even when my sticks are still good, i like to change them to a different model. make the change from 5As to 5Bs or whatever.I started out not really caring about the wieght and length of a stick (but who does when they are new to the world of drumming), but a few years ago ( mabe 3 or 4) i decided i would like to use really light sticks made by Headhunters. After a couple years of useing those, i started getting heavier Headhunters. Maybe a year ago now, I bought my first Pair of Vic Firths, and decided that 5Bs were for me!!! I am still experimenting with the regular 5Bs, the Kinetic force 5Bs, and the Vic Grip X5Bs, which are slightly longer. they all feel great, so im kinda using them all right now.
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