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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Not all music is meant for everybody. I know that Chris Brown isn't written for me.
I see this as the crux of the issue. It's hardest if you're not very "normal", a bit quirky or eccentric or whatever, because very little "product" out there is made with you in mind. It's not a problem for me when choosing whitegoods or appliances or a car because that has nothing to do with expression or impression. But music and art ...

In Oz most stations either cater for young people, sports fanatics, grouchy old reactionaries, the latte set or mainstream middle aged people (golden oldies). Love to find a radio station that veered from Klaus Schultz to MO to Crimson to Neil to space music although it might not cut through so well when you have the window open at 60kph.

Thing is, while almost everyone loves music, it's always seems to play a much bigger role in young people's lives before domesticity and mammon consumes their souls. So the industry naturally focuses on the preferences of young 'uns and, especially, their LCD. I wonder, with the ageing populace, if there will be a strong demand for music that entertains retirees once they have the free time again?
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