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Default Re: When Drumsticks Break

Originally Posted by Taylor8524 View Post
For me I always buy no name brand sticks in the bulk. I can get a huge bag of sticks for 20 bucks, or 1 pair of zildjians for 20 bucks im gonna go with the quantity. I used to use 7as and a pair would always break on me within 3 weeks. Ever since I switched to 5as my sticks have been through war and haven't broke yet
Every 3 weeks, wow. You must be a hard hitter. Some of you aren't going to believe this, but my pair before these were Sound Percussion 7As and they lasted me 8 years. Only reason I bought new ones is because I forgot them at my drum lesson. When I returned to next lesson and asked my teacher for them he told me his dog ate them and threw them out. LOL. Apparently, he was able resurrect them, though... and will be giving them back to me next lesson. He didn't know they were mine. The heads are so worn down, though... that I might just throw them out. Or maybe keep them now for sentimental reasons, but not play them.
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