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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Just Above Wrinkle.....basically the first tone you get out of a drum head after tuning the wrinkles out of it.

More common on bass drum heads, but you'll note there's quite a few here who tune toms and even snares this way as well. Way too low for my tastes.
thanks...i do this tuning myself, but never heard the term.... so much to read and catch up with-overwhelming! and i'm something of a bonham student myself, tho not way way deep like many here, in fact just started looking at this thread-all the links are treasures for sure.

the reason i choose the jaw tuning(well i don't choose it exclusively 1st of all)- for rock, it sits so well with the mics. i play to the mics period. therefore wherever i set up, even outside or a gymnasium, they always sound good(even when not mic'd). i would never have gotten to it if not for sitting in on a set one night with that tuning, and i knew instantly it was exactly what i had been looking for for pop and rock. but i don't tune my snare like that. cheers to aussie land.
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