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Default Re: John Bonham

Originally Posted by Liebe zeit View Post
No, Bonham tuned high.
Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Actually Bonzo drums were pitched much higher than you might think.
Yep indeedy.....big drums tuned up. And thank christ too. Those sizes tuned at JAW would sound horrible IMHO.

FWIW, does anyone know when JAW tuning came to the forefront? Is it a newer phenomenon or have people been doing it since Adam was a boy and I've somehow managed to miss it for so long? I'd actually never met or heard of a drummer tuning at JAW prior to joining DW. Seems there are plenty doing it and I don't quite understand why it's a desirable tone, no projection, no life, for mine.

Originally Posted by bonzolead View Post
I believe he used the GS Ludwigs he always recorded with them throughout his career.
Anyone got the skinny on this? I always thought the SS kit came into play around the Presence era too. For both live and studio?

Might be time for a flick through of 'A Thunder of Drums' again. :-)
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